Apple şi Shenzhen , o combinatie mortala

În urma cu ceva posturi vă prezentam ceva fabrici din Shenzhen ( Hong Kong ) în care se produc pe scara largă tot soiul de gadgeturi . Ceea ce nu ştiam înca , la data respectivă , era faptul că Apple are propriile fabrici la omuleţii cu ochi oblici.

Ei bine , omuleţii aia sunt trataţi cu dosul in respectivele fabricuţe , motiv pentru care unii s-au sinucis !

Corect ! Citiţi cât se poate de bine , au comis suicid .

Multumită lui Beranger am aflat anumite lucruri .

Ia sa vedem ce scrie aici si aici :

„An investigation into the conditions of Chinese workers has revealed the shocking human cost of producing the must-have Apple iPhones and iPads that are now ubiquitous in the west.

■ Excessive overtime is routine, despite a legal limit of 36 hours a month. One payslip, seen by the Observer, indicated that the worker had performed 98 hours of overtime in a month.

■ Workers attempting to meet the huge demand for the first iPad were sometimes pressured to take only one day off in 13.

■ In some factories badly performing workers are required to be publicly humiliated in front of colleagues.

■ Crowded workers’ dormitories can sleep up to 24 and are subject to strict rules. One worker told the NGO investigators that he was forced to sign a „confession letter” after illicitly using a hairdryer. In the letter he wrote: „It is my fault. I will never blow my hair inside my room. I have done something wrong. I will never do it again.”

■ In the wake of a spate of suicides at Foxconn factories last summer, workers were asked to sign a statement promising not to kill themselves and pledging to „treasure their lives”.

Foxconn produced its first iPad at Chengdu last November and expects to produce 100m a year by 2013. Last year Apple sold more than 15m iPads worldwide and has already sold close to five million this year.”

” In Shenzhen and Chengdu a joint Foxconn workforce of 500,000 is providing the labour that, in the first quarter of 2011, contributed to Apple Inc net profit of $6bn (£3.6bn). Interviews with mainly migrant employees and managers have laid bare the dark side of those profits: a Dickensian world of work that would be considered shocking in the west.

„We only had a rest day every 13 days,” claimed one. „And there was no overtime premium for weekends. Working for 12 hours a day really made me exhausted.” Sacom says the company’s initial response to the suicides was to bring in monks to exorcise evil spirits. The chief executive later suggested workers were committing suicide to secure large compensation payments for their families. Workers were even asked to sign a document promising not to commit suicide and pledging that if they did their families would not claim more compensation than the legal minimum. ”

Şi acum  ;    Cum vi se pare locul dumneavoastră de muncă ?


2 Responses to Apple şi Shenzhen , o combinatie mortala

  1. roberto says:

    În mod sigur mult mai ok decât al unui angajat FoxConn.
    Dar ce mișto e ultimul iPad! Da ce sus sunt acțiunile Apple!

  2. Musat Daniel Gigel says:

    Minunat! 🙂

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